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Junk Food Menace

What exactly is ‘junk food‘? Rubbish foodstuff that has poor or no nutritious value is known as junk food. Various studies on American food habit reflect that almost one-fourth of what we eat everyday are debris, responsible for weight gain and chronic diseases like cancer. If you are a foodie and your main source of food is junk food, then let us de motivate you by stating this simple fact, a recent study that surveyed 4,700 people, established that soft drinks are the number one source of calories. 7.1 percent of the calories consumed came from soft drinks…making it hard on your health. The category of alcoholic beverages, sweets and desserts, and soft drinks, contributed 23.8 percent of total calorie intake in total. The other category of junks including salty snacks and fruit-flavored drinks added another five percent to the calorie count.

The concentrated calorie in the junk food contributes to your calorie intake and increases your daily calorie consumption. Some people are taking natural Garcinia Cambogia pills from Phentermineonline.net as an diet alternative. Moreover, salty snacks like potato chips, corn chips, crackers, pretzels and cheese curls are high in total and saturated fat and low in fruits and vegetables. As a result, those who consume more of these, suffer from mal-nutrition. That is the reason why plump people can also be undernourished and physically weak and diseased.

There are certain points to be considered to avoid nutrition-poor food;

  • Replace your snacks and drinks with healthy choices like fruit salad or veggies, fresh fruit juice or water to cut back on excess calorie.
  • Junk food may not make you fat but it certainly increases your health risks, and risk of cancer. Because the more you are eating junks the more you are being deprived of protective nutrients and phytochemicals.
  • Eating plenty of high-calorie and low-nutrient food will give you a bulging tummy and diseased body. Rather substitute junks with nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.
  • To control your junk food cravings, limit your salty snacks to single serving a day.
  • Never bring the entire container in front of the television or pc. You will eat more of junk that way.
  • Fill a small plate with snacks and leave the kitchen.
  • Eat without distraction and enjoy your snacks. That way you will not reach for more.
  • Just like your major meals, plan your snack time and measure your calorie intake while eating junk.
  • Be logical while analyzing the extra fat you are eating with your junk snacks. Compare it with a plate of fresh fruit. Which option sounds better?
  • Go for several smaller meals during the day instead of 3 main meals. Eating on regular intervals maintains your energy level as well as your blood sugar. This way, the craving for junk food will be controlled and you will be full of vigor through out the day and night.

There are times when you just cannot do without junk food…you rush to the kitchen to find the salty snacks or open the fridge to look for your favorite ice cream. Do yourself a favor. Do not buy potato chips or any type of salty snacks and soft drinks and ice creams to store at home. Buy fresh fruit and veggies instead and store these at home, so that you can grab those whenever you are hungry. At least, you will not have to fight with junky temptations at home. Try it and enjoy good health!